My county has a common ”moving library” with two Norwegian counties.  The library bus drives

to remote areas of these three counties and serves people who are living there.

  In the bus you can borrow books, CDs, DVDs and magazines in three languages:  Samish (= Lappish ), Norwegian and Finnish.

   The administration of the bus is as well three - lingual.  I have got a very pleasant responsible position: our county council elected me to the board of the library bus.  I love the meetings of this board!  We are using all three languages.  Every member (2 from each county and library officials) can at least two from these languages.


   The most part of our money comes from the Government of Norway; also the Ministry of Education in Finland gives us aid.



  Here is the cover of the time table. The text "Library bus" stays first in Samish, second in Finnish, then in Norwegian and at last in a Finnish dialect, which is speaking in Norway. It is been published  only one book in this dialect, it happened two or three years ago.